R & D solution for cell

Sheet Resistance

We provide the widest range of tools to measure sheet resistance by both contact (by 4 point Mercury probe) and non-contact method.  For contact type measurement, we use Mercury probe, For non-contact type measurement, we use Eddy current for sheet resistance measurements. Its accuracy and its ability to measure in contactless mode has a special user value.

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Lifetime Carrier

We have dedicated tools for analysis and Process optimization for R&D and manufacturing in silicon solar cells and integrated circuits. We develop solution to practical problems in R&D and manufacturing process control by providing physically- rigorous, simple and Cost-effective measurements tools and analysis.

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CIGS Selenisation for Solar Cells

We have developed several solutions for selenization and sulfurization processes for solar cells. This includes: • In-situ generation of Se or S vapor and annealing • Annealing with utilization of H2Se and H2S gases • Post selenization annealing under neutral gas.

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LASER processing workstation

We have is a versatile laser processing workstation designed for high-precision applications in the electronic, precision engineering, and photovoltaic industries. It is often used in R&D environments, as well as production of smaller substrates as e.g. ceramic PCBs.

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R&D Texturisation machine for PERC

We provide both manual and full-automated R&D machine for PERC. Manual R&D machine • Manual carrier handling • Manual chemical dosing • Time alarm system included

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Furnace System-Diffusion, PECVD, BBr3

We have versatile horizontal furnace system that is configurable to meet our customer demands in the semiconductor, solar, MEMS and photonics industries. Its use ranges from small batch R&D and pilot line production purposes, to high volume manufacturing processing. Our R&D systems are used in many advanced research centers worldwide, with state of the art proccesses and continuously new process developments.

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