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CIGS Selenisation for Solar Cells

We have developed several solutions for selenization and sulfurization processes for solar cells.

This includes:

• In-situ generation of Se or S vapor and annealing

• Annealing with utilization of H2Se and H2S gases

• Post selenization annealing under neutral gas.


In-situ generation of Se or S vapor and annealing

In this configuration there is one or several crucibles to install the Se or S pellets and a susceptor for the substrate.  

The solid Se or S is in-situ evaporated inside a closed box that can be a susceptor or a quartz bell jar.

 The substrate is installed inside the same enclosure for the selenization or sulfurization  annealing.

 In the quartz bell jar configuration it is possible to control a temperature gradient between the crucibles and the substrate with the optional proportional zone control


Annealing under H2S and H2Se

For annealing processes under hazardous gases like H2S and H2Se (very toxic) Annealsys can provide a hood to install the AS-One inside. The hood is at sub atmospheric pressure (under venting) and has a door  interlocked with a gas detection system. In case of leak the access to the machine is not possible.  The machine is equipped with special gas panel with purge capability to handle hazardous gases.

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