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STEADY STATE Solar simulator:

We have The Large Area Solar Simulator (LASS) produces class AAA+ (according to the IEC 60904-9 ed. 3), steady-state sunlight using a unique and patented technology. Its positioning is highly flexible and results in a small footprint making it easy to use and ideal for all PV technologies and for all illumination tests from the IEC 61215 and IEC 61730.

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High Performance Light Soaker

We have an AAA+ High-Performance Light Soaker (HPLS) with extremely accurate temperature control and in-situ IV characterization. The system combines AAA+ class steady-state illumination (IEC 60904-9 ed. 3) and extremely accurate and uniform temperature control from 25 to 95 C.

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Single Long Pulse Flasher

We have Single Long Pulse Manufacturing Flasher of class A+A+A+ (IES 60904-9 ed. 3.0) at 2,6m X 1,4 test area. The system Accurate & repeatable power determination of all PV types and technologies in module production lines. Xenon Single Long Pulse solar simulator is designed for high volume production testing of PV modules.

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We have class AAA climate chamber solar simulators allow you to get unprecedented performance and reliability data to gain new research insights. It is perfectly suited for testing current and next generation solar cells and modules such as high efficiency crystalline, hetero-junctions, perovskites and other thin films. With the equipment you will be able you to get a better understanding of your PV technology’s behaviour in local and extreme conditions with a wide range of relative humidity, temperatures and sunlight.

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UV chamber

We have affordable UV preconditioning chamber for up to 6 modules with full compliance to the IEC norms. The UV chamber was designed to meet the requirements of PV module test labs, certification bodies and research institutes for fast UV preconditioning testing according to the latest IEC standards.

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