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We have class AAA climate  chamber solar simulators allow you to get unprecedented performance and reliability data to gain new research insights. It is perfectly suited for testing current and next generation solar cells and modules such as high efficiency crystalline, hetero-junctions, perovskites and other thin films. With the equipment you will be able you to get a better understanding of your PV technology’s behaviour in local and extreme conditions with a wide range of relative humidity, temperatures and sunlight.


Unique features

We provides high quality solar testing equipment that outperforms other technologies with the combination of the following unique features.

The unique solar simulation technique  applied by Eternal Sun is able to provide AAA-class sunlight inside the climate chamber, complying with the highest IEC 60904-9 standards for spectral match, uniformity and stability.

Steady state

Our equipment produces continuous artificial sunlight that stays constant over long periods of time, creating clearly defined standard conditions to make sure that results are reproducible. A shutter provides pulsed illumination for low temperature tests.


Any size

The modular product design allows us to be flexible and provide customers with equipment that suits their needs; we provide solutions for both cell and module research, starting from 50 cm x 50 cm test surfaces up to 1.6 m x 1.1 m.


Main benefits

Wide range of humidity and temperatures with sunlight exceeding the relative humidity and  temperature ranges required by the IEC standards for testing and certification. Furthermore, it enables extreme combinations of conditions such as 85 [[][%]]rH, 85 °C and 1000 W/m2 sunlight.

Simultaneous performance testing and weathering

It allows for a more realistic idea of cells or module performance and reliability while simulating local or extreme climatic conditions.

Class AAA sunlight inside climate chamber

According to IEC 60904-9.

Compact system & flexible use

It allowing the simulator and climate chamber to be used separately with full functionality.

Full day cycle simulation

It can enables to perform 1,000 hour cycles of weathering with class AAA illumination.

Low cost of ownership

due to price competitive lamps, compared to that of traditional Xenon weatherometers.

Turnkey and low maintenance

running for 1800 hours non-stop with lamps that are easy to replace.

Computer control

allowing to set and program parameters like relative humidity, temperature, and light intensity.


Add-ons available

IV characterization equipment

Multiplex system for monitoring 32 cells simultaneously

UV pre-conditioning rack

Controllable UV-A & UV-B lamps

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