Characterization tools for silicon PV process control

Cell testing

We provide different high efficiency wafer-based cells testing solution. Our goal is to implement elegant solution to test and measure challenges in silicon PV. Our instruments and analysis techniques are targeted at the problems that matter, are based on a firms device-physics foundation, and are by design, cost-effective for the application. We have dedicated to developing and applying new tools and for analysis and Process optimization for R&D and manufacturing in silicon solar cells and integrated circuits

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Sheet Resistance

We provide the widest range of tools to measure sheet resistance by both contact (by 4 point Mercury probe) and non-contact method. For contact type measurement, we use Mercury probe. This permits our systems to probe and characterize a wide range of materials , including semi-conductors , oxides, dielectrics , SOI (Silicon on Insulator ), and films on conducting or insulating substrates.

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Solar Panel Inspection

Solar industry is quite competitive and with that comes the need for thin film solar companies to continuously improve their processes and products. Currently, we have the proven capability to measure various parameters on frame components, bare glass, coated glass, and fully assembled panels, as well as edge profile inspection. We can customize our metrology to tackle your specific needs in any of these areas.

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PV / Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Measurement Solutions

QE-R Quantum Efficiency System| EQE / Photon-Electron Conversion Testing| Solutions for incident photon-electron conversion testing systems Includes- IPCE, PV External quantum efficiency (PV-EQE), Internal Quantum Efficiency, Spectral Response (SR), Highly-sensitive EL-EQE.

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