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Solar Panel Inspection

Solar industry is quite competitive and with that comes the need for thin film solar companies to continuously improve their processes and products. Currently, we have the proven capability to measure various parameters on frame components, bare glass, coated glass, and fully assembled panels, as well as edge profile inspection. We can customize our metrology to tackle your specific needs in any of these areas.

Some of the custom capabilities we offer with our tools: 

  • Detect oil contamination and other cosmetic defects through the use of line scan cameras with UV and white light sources.
  • Detect chips, cracks, contaminants, and panel dimensions through the use of line scan cameras with white light illumination.
  • Examine edge contour, defects, and dimensions through edge profile inspection through the use of laser-based metrology.
  • Measure and control uniformity, thickness, band gap, temperature, surface roughness, and more through the use of patented  technology.


We have following various system for different inspection:

  • Glass breakage metrology system
  • Insitu Film Thickness Metrology system
  • Inline Film Thickness and roughness Metrology System
  • Transmission Metrology System
  • Photoresist Thickness Metrology system
  • Absolute Spectral Reflectance Metrology system
  • Panel Thickness and Flatness Metrology System
  • Reflectance and color Metrolgy
  • X-Ray Fluorescence
  • Panel Edge Profile Metrology System

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