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Cell testing

We provide different high efficiency wafer-based cells testing solution.

Our goal is to implement elegant solution to test and measure challenges in silicon PV. Our instruments and analysis techniques are targeted at the problems that matter, are based on a firms device-physics foundation, and are by design, cost-effective for the application.

We have dedicated to developing and applying new tools and for analysis  and Process optimization for R&D and manufacturing in silicon solar cells and integrated circuits

For achieving highest efficiency at lowest manufacturing cost, we offer tools for the following processes which are required  to be monitored:

  • Incoming wafer
  • Metal grid
  • Electrodes
  • Buffer or seed layer
  • Tunnel oxide
  • Passivation layer

We also offer solutions for optimizing your process  with our instruments:

  • Measuring Fe:B Pairs in Silicon
  • Testing wafer after phosphorus diffusion or nitride
  • Testing bare wafers
  • Testing Silicon Ingot and Blocks with the Sinton BLS/BCT Instruments
  • Lifetime measurements on B-doped CZ bulk silicon with the BLS/BCT instruments

We also have various solutions for Solar Cell testing :

CPV Solar Simulators

Standard Low Dose CPV beam sizes range from 2.5cm x 2.5cm up to 4.5cm x 4.5cm. Choose from either a 1KW, 1.5KW, or 4.0KW lamp housing to achieve a wide range of concentrating solar light.

Flash Solar Power Meter

With this small, portable, battery powered meter, numerous production flash solar simulators can be tested and compared in a short amount of time, leading to greater production line consistency and throughput.

Continuous Wave Solar Power Meter

Continuous Wave Solar Power Meter is an essential analytical tool for measuring the irradiance (in Suns) of Continuous Wave Solar Simulators. This versatile meter can display a wide variety of cell characteristics that include: cell type, window type, cell size, and temperature measurement device type

Solar Array Checker

The Solar Array I–V Tracer System provides fast and easy PV solar array output measurement on site. The system is an easy-to-use tool for measuring and characterizing solar array output

This compact test system includes the test instrument, a pyranometer and temperature sensor. When using the tester with the pyranometer and two thermocouples, the system will correct for deficiencies in sunlight and provide a comparison of array-to-array performance regardless of the sunlight. This setup provides results similar to expensive full indoor panel testing systems at very low costs.



Multijunction Solar Simulators

Multijunction Solar Simulator is perfect for use with both multijunction and standard solar cells. This system delivers 350nm–1800nm Class AAA spectral match.

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