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PV / Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Measurement Solutions

QE-R Quantum Efficiency System| EQE / Photon-Electron Conversion Testing

Solutions for incident photon-electron conversion testing systems

Includes- IPCE, PV External quantum efficiency (PV-EQE), Internal Quantum Efficiency, Spectral Response (SR), Highly-sensitive EL-EQE.


  • Perovskite Solar Cell (PSC) Test
  • Organic Solar Cell (OSC, OPV) Test
  • Solar cell characterization
  • Bulk-Heterojunction phase separation study
  • Mismatch Factor (MMF) calculation
  • Short-circuit current density under AM spectrum Jsc(QE)
  • Processing control


  • For single junction solar cells testing: Perovskite solar cells, Organic solar cells, Si HJT cells, TOP-Con cells, CIGS, CzTs, CdS, GaAs, thin-film cells.
  • For tandem solar cells testing: Perovskite / Si tandem cells, Perovskite / CIGS tandems cells, concentrated solar cells, III-V tandem solar cells.


International Standards:

  • Complying ATSM E 1021-15, ASTM E948, IEC 60904-8, IEC 60904-7, IEC 60904-1.
  • NIST-traceable SI traceable chain.


Exclusive EQE uncertainty evaluation report and quality control accredited by ISO / IEC 17025 .

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