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Sheet Resistance

We provide the widest range of tools to measure sheet resistance by both contact (by 4 point Mercury probe) and non-contact method. 

For contact type measurement, we use Mercury probe. This permits our systems to probe and characterize a wide range of materials , including semi-conductors , oxides, dielectrics , SOI (Silicon on Insulator ), and films on conducting or insulating substrates.

  • small low budget manually operated systems
  • research and development oriented desktop systems
  • production-line oriented fully automated cassette to cassette systems capable of handling wafers up to 300mm in diameter or flat panels
  • customized tools


For non-contact type measurement, we use Eddy current for sheet resistance measurements. Its accuracy and its ability to measure in contactless mode has a special user value. Key benefits of eddy current resistance testing are:  

  • Non-contact mode
  • Ultra-fast (20 ms / measurement)
  • High repeatability and accuracy
  • Large distances from sensor to substrate
  • Transmission mode and reflective mode
  • Measurement through encapsulation
  • No wearing
  • Large measurement range from 0.1 mOhm/sq to 100 kOhm/sq (9 decades)


We have wide range of testing devices for Industry and R&D laboratories.

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