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Furnace System-Diffusion, PECVD, BBr3

We have versatile horizontal furnace system that is configurable to meet our customer demands in the semiconductor, solar, MEMS and photonics industries. Its use ranges from small batch R&D and pilot line production purposes, to high volume manufacturing processing. Our R&D systems are used in many advanced research centers worldwide, with state of the art proccesses and continuously new process developments.

Key system features

  • Multipurpose atmospheric and CVD processing chambers available, applicable to any kind of silicon wafer, i.e. 100mm-300mm round (semiconductor) wafers, 125 – >156mm square (solar) wafers
  • Batch processing from 25 up to 1000 wafers per tube
  • Modular set up of the equipment, 1-4 tubes. Empty tubes are retrofittable in the future with additional/new processing
  • Atmospheric processes: annealing (N2, forming gas), dry/wet oxide, POCl3, BBr3
  • LPCVD processes: doped/undoped poly, silicon nitride, TEOS, LTO, HTO, SIPOS
  • ALD: Al2O3, TiO2, HfO2
  • Small footprint, manually loaded, or fully automated wafer transfer tools available


Customer benefits

  • From lab to fab: All processes are easily exchangeable from lab scale to high volume manufacturing
  • Full process and service support team available, direct from Tempress headquarters
  • High level of flexibility in choice of processing
  • All systems are backwards compatible. This guarantees full support at any time in the future for your Tempress furnace equipment
  • Access to Tempress’ comprehensive in-house knowledge of semiconductor processing which can be applied to Solar cell manufacturing solutions as well

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