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R&D Texturisation machine for PERC

We provide both manual and full-automated R&D machine for PERC.

Manual R&D machine

  • Manual carrier handling
  • Manual chemical dosing
  • Time alarm system included

Full-automated R&D machine

  • Auto carrier handling by Transfer unit
  • Auto chemical dosing
  • Controlled by HMI (PLC)

Recommended process lay-out for advanced PERC

               SDE -> preclean -> Texturing -> post cleaning -> acid cleaning -> Dry

               Preclean and post clean can be pSC1, DIO3 or HClO3 process

               Each process step need DI rinse after process

Lay – out for R&D machine

                Full automated machine : 9,000mm(L) x 2,000mm(W) x 2,400mm(H)

                Manual machine: 6,700mm(L) x 1,600mm(W) x 2,200mm(H)

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