Product Details

Diffusion / Deposition

The Diffusion Furnace with 5-stack platform is designed for high volume solar manufacturing and dedicated for POCl3, BBr3, and Anneal / Oxidation processes. The advanced system set-up handles high wafer loads while ensuring stable, reproducible and versatile process conditions at the lowest cost of ownership. The compact design includes low-loss heating elements and environmentally friendly recirculating air cooling, resulting in more than 25[%] energy savings. The system comes with integrated full automation.

Processes : POCl3  / BBr3  /  Anneal / Oxidation / LPCVD Poly

Key system features

  • 5 independent tubes
  • Pre-installed process recipes for up to 140 Ω/sq sheet resistance with good within-wafer uniformity
  • Integrated solution using Tempress’ small pitch back-to-back full automation
  • 5-stack system with height < 3,20 m
  • Proven in full production

Customer benefits

  • Plug and play solution, similar to industry standard atmospheric POCl3
  • Fast process qualification, allowing steep production ramp-up
  • Very low maintenance cost due to reliable atmospheric process
  • Maximum uptime and lowest cost of ownership together with excellent service and support ensures long term successful production capacity


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