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High-purity fluid handling & Surface Texturing solution

We have  ultrapure fluid handling products for fabricating semiconductors, solar cells, LEDs, Flat-panel displays and electronics, chemicals manufacturing, and industrial applications. Our specialized equipment is used to deliver, circulate, dispense, and reclaim high-purity fluids for wet processes utilizing deionized water, corrosive alkaline or acidic chemical solutions, and toxic liquids such as fuels, glues, paints, resins, inks, and wastewater.

We have solution for Batch and Inline type handling for PV cells

Batch Type:

Optimized system for high efficiency solar cell (n-type) .Ultra capacity batch equipment (highest cost performance)

Features & Benefits

  • Various batch application
Alkaline / Acidic texturing
pSC1 / SC2 / O3 cleaning
  • High throughput
 600 wafers load 
 up to 12,000 w/h
  • Capable Si wafer size
Up to M12 (210 x 210mm)
  • High dosing accuracy
+/- 2%
  • Perfect Drying
  • Non metal component
Inline Type :Optimized system for n-type inline application.
Features & Benefits
  • Various cleaning solutions
 Roller brush / Disc brush
 Bubble jet
 Ultrasonic / Plasma
  • Particle free design
  • Capable Si wafer size
 up to M12 (210 x 210mm)
  • Perfect Drying
  • Various inline application
  HF/Metal Cleaning
  RCA & O3 Cleaning
  Developing / Etching / Striping
  Electrical deposition

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