Product Details

Laser Direct Cleaving (LDC)

The laser process developed and patented by InnoLas Solutions for the direct cleaving of solar cells is the world’s most advanced cell cutting process.
InnoLas Solutions offers both a fully automated stand-alone system and an inline solution for integration into the cell or module line

LDC vs. "Scribe and Break"

While the cell is scratched ablatively with the traditional "scribe and break", the laser with the LDC takes over the guiding of the break edge. The locally induced voltage of the laser beam allows it to be guided along an almost freely definable line to the opposite cell edge. The solar cell is thus split purely by the voltage generated by the laser beam. Not only is this particularly gentle on the material, it also eliminates the need for additional cooling media and suction.

Our Advantages

  • High speed
  • Particle-free way of working
  • No mechanical separation necessary
  • Cost savings
  • Time saving
  • Avoidance of micro-cracks
  • Lower cell breakage rate

A look ahead

The fully automatic cell cutting solution LDC combines a laser cleavage process with integrated handling automation. Currently, wafers larger than 158.75 mm pose greater challenges for conventional processes. Using laser direct cleaving, processing up to a wafer size of 210 mm is possible without any problems and with almost no cycle time


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