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We have a batch-type PECVD system for AIOx, SiOx and SiNx deposition on silicon solar cells. Its propriety heating and boat design allow for 10[%] higher throughput than competitiors systems, while maintaining good colour uniformity.

Key system features

  • High throughput >200 MW / system
  • The system allows for better color uniformity than achieved on conventional direct plasma PECVD systems. This is achieved by using our uniquely designed boat
  • In situ AlOx + SiNx solution available for PERC cell processing
  • Tempress’ PID solution has proven to pass even the most stringent PID tests without any cell efficiency penalty
  • Graded layers for efficiency enhancement
  • Up to 210 mm wafer size

Customer benefits

  • Superior passivation at the surface and in the bulk of the cell, due to the exposure to the direct plasma
  • Our PID-free solution enables production of high efficiency cells that are proven to be resistant to PID
  • The confinement of the plasma to the substrates and boat ensures only negligible chamber cleaning and maximum productivity of the equipment

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